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"Rooting Every Farmer in Fertile SOIL"

David & Jef started Homegrown Land Bank Group Ltd. in 2015 after a life changing adventure in Nicaragua. Both have a desire to use the power of business to develop and strengthen farmers around the Globe. 

Homegrown Land Bank Group Ltd. is an Agricultural Development Firm that focuses on a Project Management Approach in order to achieve their goals outlined by the acronym SOIL. 

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S - Sustainability

Homegrown believes in not only achieving Environmental Sustainability on the farm, but also Financial Sustainability and Social Well-Being.

Farmers in Barn
O - Ownership

Homegrown believes that whether individually or as a group, farmers should be able to own the land they work. The key is finding projects that are profitable to allow this. 

Growing Plants
I - Investment

Homegrown commits to re-investing profits back into new agricultural projects to ensure all farmers are able to develop roots and grow their businesses. 

Farmers Selling Vegetables
L - Living Wage

Homegrown believes farmers should earn enough income off their operations to receive a Living Wage. This allows the farmer to focus on their business instead of working for other businesses.